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05/19/2015 09:23 PM

News and Updates • Dragon Fire Celebration [5/22 10PM EDT] + UPDATES

Imagic had a wonderful game developed in 1982 on May 21st. That is the recorded Copyright from the source code for the game Dragonfire.
Dragonfire is an exciting game for Coleco and Atari, and can be found on a few other systems. This exciting game leaves our thief on a bridge leading to a castle, dodging fire balls. After you make your way across the bridge, you are in the dragons lair. You have to move fast to get all the treasure in the room, and make it to the exit, all while the dragon follows you and chases you in a raining of fire balls. Don't get to confident once you make it out alive one time, it speeds up and gets harder and harder from there.

We will be celebrating this birthday as we will AnimeAMAZE. Dragon Fire is going to be 33 years old (I think?) so it is time to celebrate it's beauty with new music, and a fun time. Be tuned in Friday Night at 10 PM EDT, and be ready to dodge some fire!

The T-Shirts have arrived today!
Everyone who has donated the certain amount has been notified and their items pulled and ready to be shipped (As in sitting in the out box).
Shipping will be done Tuesday (oddly enough, our birthday) May 26th due to no time off from other job until them, and lack of shipping supplies.

Shirts will be set up on the site for easier buying. I understand Paypal may not be everyone's thing so recently I did set up Google Wallet for my personal use (Business one did not work), but I am more than willing to give you that information if you wish to send me money some other way, and I am also looking to see if I can make Square work without the card reader thingy. If you are interested in that option, of course, use the contact form on the site, it goes to me directly, and I can see what I can do for you if you really want to buy one not by not using Paypal.

Thank you for reading the updates, stay tuned ;)

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05/03/2015 07:56 PM

News and Updates • May Celebration Show [5/8 9PM EDT]

May is here and what a happy time it is! Not only is this the month of awesomeness, but it is also a birthday month of AnimeAMAZE!

AnimeAMAZE Turns 10 on May 26th. Certainly too early to celebrate that, but not too early to celebrate May in General.

Join for another fun filled show on Friday May 8th to celebrate the month of May with us! There will be news, Sirby, and new music of course to kick you in to celebration.

Of course we will be in the IRC chat, and maybe a bit of requests and dedication to be played and read on air, time being the determining factor.

Hope to see you there on Friday 5/8 at 9PM!

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04/26/2015 09:38 PM

News and Updates • AnimeAMAZE T-Shirt Phase II

Final design revealed!
Subject to look a little different, since this is just a web preview, this is the proposed design. I have no options on colors for this specific press, but the grey color looked the best.

What will happen next? I have some of the donors to email to ask about their size option, but as for prices, it is hard to say a solid price now because of volume and sizing options I need to get. I will have a solid price once I place the order, but until that phase of this project, this is where it stands.

As usual I am open to opinions, and our topic is still open for communicating about the T-Shirt as far as colors and sizing goes, but as it stands the design is final.

Keep an eye open to the site, and previous donors shall keep an eye on their emails!

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04/14/2015 06:07 PM

News and Updates • AnimeAMAZE T-Shirts Phase 1

The first phase of the AnimeAMAZE T-Shirts has began. I realized before I make T-Shirts, I really should find out what people like as far as designs go, and maybe even colors or fabric and such. I was only able to come up with a few designs, two of which I enjoy, and one that is only there because, I had an idea, but it did not exactly reflect the way I wanted it to, but I produced it anyway.

To vote on the poll for the design or even suggest an idea of your own, which I encourage, please visit this link

In order to vote or contribute, you will need to sign up for the forum. It is super easy to sign up (No captcha!) , and your information is not shared with any third parties.

All the information you need will be on that link to visit! Thank you for your time everyone, and your votes will matter to get designs rolling out and produce the T-Shirts.

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04/12/2015 11:15 AM

News and Updates • Station offline 4/12

It has been brought to my attention that the station is offline right now. This will be fixed of course but right now I am not around to get the backup online. It will not be long but for now I appreciate your patience and an investigation as to the down server will be done. As for the backup it will be up and broadcasting in 3 hours. That is the best I can offer. - Sirby

UPDATE: Station is back up on the back up stream. Requests will be done until further notice.

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