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10/01/2015 02:21 PM

News and Updates • This Show is not yet Named [10/3 10PM EDT]

It's sad when you want to produce a show, but have no creative idea's due to the fact that your creative mindset leaves for a while. Mine left a note saying be back in 10 minutes...never came back...So this show will be titled at some point, but I wanted to get it out there since it is happening Saturday Oct. 3 at 10PM EDT.

Hope to see you here! Check back, I may come up with a glorious plan. The music is already pretty much set so at least the hard part is done. Thinking of a subject to discuss, that is another story. I am open to suggestion.

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09/16/2015 05:17 PM

News and Updates • Autumn Attack Live Show [10PM EDT 9/19]

Autumn will not be here until the 23rd, but honestly I can't wait much longer. Summer is nice and all, but the nice thing about living where I do (Vermont) it is always nice to see a change in the seasons. That is until it becomes a frozen land of ice and snow. Canada is so kind to send its arctic freezes this way as well. After all Sharing is caring, but besides winter, I do enjoy seeing some leaves falling, and the cool crisp Autumn Air. That is why we will let Autumn have its attack show on AnimeAMAZE. We will Attack you with songs of Autumn, and you can contribute by requesting and dedicating.

So bundle up with some delicious autumn themed foods, and brace yourself for an AnimeAMAZE infused Autumn session! There will be some new music, but I would also like to play some of the hand selected seasonal songs so be sure to be tuned in at 10PM EDT, on September 19th for all the fun! :afro:

Of course we will be in IRC and I will be on air (naturally) so don't miss it! :mono:

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09/09/2015 05:12 PM

News and Updates • September Show [9/12 10PM EDT]

This is a time of the season I enjoy. I enjoy the cooler weather making it's way in after a hot summer, I enjoy the smell of the air as summer transitions into autumn, I enjoy seeing leaves change color, fall off, and I enjoy the crisp air and crunchy sound the leaves make as you walk on them.

I must have painted a lovely picture, and I do quite enjoy it all until this happens.
My car is a magnet for these things, and it is such a pain to clean off. What you get for living around a bunch of trees.

But along with the smell of pumpkins (and taste) and all the festivities that happen around, there is also awesome music. Considering This is a radio station, you probably don't care too much about what I enjoy about autumn, you must care about the music. Well to hear what the month of September has to offer so far (some great new music) you will have to tune in Saturday Night 9/12 at 10PM EDT.

Hope to see you all there! :mono:

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08/20/2015 11:04 AM

News and Updates • Show Friday Night [8/21 10PM EDT]

I forgot to make the post so I am going to make it brief!

I had a dream that I made one on Tuesday...Guess I didn't...

Hope to see you all there on Friday 8/21 at 10PM EDT :afro:

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08/01/2015 06:21 PM

News and Updates • Lazy Days of Summer Show [8/7 10PM EDT]

August reminds me of being the more relaxing days of Summer. June is usually when school let out for me, and it would be a month full of getting into a summer routine, maybe some work for some summer spending cash, and also usually vacations. July, Well after some of the Holidays, things seem to slow down, but the days get hotter and hotter. August, things seem a bit slower as school will be beginning again, days get a bit cooler, and really, for the next couple of months, you want to relax. AnimeAMAZE can help you relax. I to want to relax and what is more relaxing than chilling with AnimeAMAZE listeners and sharing some great music with you all? Between my home improvement projects, and work, It will be nice to finally sit and relax for a while!

So Tune in August 7th (Friday) at 10PM EDT for some good summer fun! New music will be here, requests can be made whenever (and will be played whenever), and IRC will be open to chat! What could be more relaxing?

Hope to see you there!

Statistics: Posted by sirby — Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:21 pm