12/17/2014 11:52 AM

Station Downtime Expected 12/17

There will be some downtime expected on 12/17/2014.

The downtime should be kept to a minimum but the requests will be down. You will notice a disruption when the main system gets picked up by backup.
Since the backup stream is running that will pick up and keep music playing, but requests will not work until the second disruption you will notice when the main stream kicks back on.

Thank you for your patience. Hopefully this will keep music flowing well this Holiday season!

12/11/2014 10:53 AM

S[no]w show planed but it is happening 12/13


There will be a show this Saturday at 10PM EST.

What I do have planned is new music, what I did not have time to plan was a sort of theme due to the snow storm that hit. I will think of something though. I mean it is 12/13....Something has to happen.

Tune in Saturday 12/13 at 10PM. See you there!

12/05/2014 07:44 AM

Time for December Show [12/6 10PM EST]

It is that time of the season again. Time for snow, ice and cold weather...for some areas anyway. AnimeAMAZE can be a nice substitute of a hot cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee of some sort.
Live shows have been a challenge lately, but if plans work to make it happen, there will be a show Saturday Night at 10PM to celebrate December! This show will be loaded with new music including music from Hitomi Himekawa and Rainbow Bubble Girls. They are a very sweet JPop group and have allowed AnimeAMAZE to play their music. So I am pleased to annouce the arrival of their music.

Coverage will begin at 10:00 PM EST. You will notice a bit of a strange transition to music once the live stream picks up. Hope to see you there!

ALSO as a reminder, we are still in need of $25 to cover shoutcast. We have 10 days to reach this goal. Thank you!

11/26/2014 06:12 PM

Happy Holidays! Just a few notes!

Hello again everyone! After recovering from a terrible cold that Mortal Kombat style "finish(ed)" me I am around still. I have some announcements to make as far as new music, station stability status, and Bakuretsu Con notes.

So the station is currently on backup stream. This means Requests have not been working. Due to weather here in our state, driving to the location of the computers proved impossible. I will have the requests working on our backup as well, I just need an hour and some change to do it since it is pretty much set up already.
Due to the station malfunctions, there has been a delay in adding it, but I will be getting Hitomi Himekawa and Rainbow Bubble Girls album up as soon as possible on the station.

There will be a Bakuretsu Con link up as soon as I can get around to working on it. Videos are still being uploaded to Youtube, and there are already a few there, so check them out.
The last and final thing is, we need some donations to cover our Shoutcast hosting for 6 more months. Due to our wonderful sponsors (THANK YOU) and some wonderful donors, we only need $25 to keep us covered for 6 months! If you can, please donate! Thank you!
Keep safe, and stay tuned, I hope to have my voice 100% better by next week for a show!

11/15/2014 10:22 AM

Baku Con 2014 Rainbow Bubble Girls Concert

Hailing from NYC, Rainbow Bubble is going to be performing LIVE at Bakuretsu Con, and AnimeAMAZE is providing you with the exclusive performance! Hop onto the live page that this underlined neat text leads to to see the performance. Certainly we are hoping it goes flawlessly, but you know how Wi Fi is. Be there! If you miss it, it will immediately be posted to our Youtube Channel, so keep an eye open!

11/13/2014 09:01 PM

Bakuretsu Con 2014 Colchester VT.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be live one of these evenings. May even be Friday Evening... May even be Saturday Afternoon...I don't know, we will just have to see how things go! So maybe hold on to that dollar...unless of course you want to donate.

As things happen I plan on trying to provide coverage on this page here for all the neat happenings and the Ustream thing is there so if I start broadcasting video, you can see it.

Keep in mind, Hotel wifi is terrible, so I will try my best to keep things happening

Also not to keep you in the dark, but the stations real stream came back on around 6:30PM EST. Turns out our Fiber drop at the other location had a power supply failure. Some songs are missing AGAIN, but I am going to try to restore them asap!

12/18/2014 05:27 PM

Finally Set up Celebration [SAT 10/25 10PM EDT]

So the station is finally set up on the new software, and sure, the computer is a little jittery, but there are some bugs that need to be solved that will be as time goes on, and a reboot happens, because I am sure it could use it.

Still there is enough reason to celebrate this and that calls for a show. New Music is a must. It has been several weeks without a show (maybe 2 or 3) and the last show did not even have new music...Solution...Have a live hosted show! Loads of new Music! And a good time with good people and Sirby.

This will happen Saturday at 10PM EDT But I will warn you to expect a delay. I am hoping my plan to take control live works as it is supposed to work. See you Saturday Night, 10/25 at 10PM EDT

12/18/2014 05:27 PM

Requests Work Again!

Requests and dedications are working again! The station is now on the new version of the software.
You may have to refresh your DNS cache for the new changes to take effect for the server IP difference, but all should be well in a couple days if you don't know or feel like doing that.

12/18/2014 05:27 PM

ZOMG Friday Show [9/26 10PM EDT]

So there will be a Friday Show! This will be the first one in a long time. Basically there will not be a whole lot for new music, this show will just be a nice assortment of requests, personal song choices, maybe a few new songs here and there, but nothing too large.
Reason for very little additions is going to be because this will be the last show before an upgrade to the new software, and before I start to fix up a few things on the current system while the main broadcast will be hosted elsewhere on a different computer of ours because the new software recommends it is run that way for whatever reason. So to avoid moving over gigabytes of music right after we already did, the lack of new music makes more sense at this time.
More news about the move will be discussed on the show and in a lengthy post, but in the mean time, sit back and start your weekend off on a good note with some classics, some requests and dedications, and your dear old Sirby. Friday night, 9/26 at 10PM EDT! See you there!

12/18/2014 05:27 PM

Podcast FINALLY work

It has been a very long struggle, but the Podcast page now actually works.

If you head over you will see the most recent shows. Other shows do exist on the server, but right now I have them archived since the Podcast generator had a hard time determining the newest shows. The old podcasts will soon be available to browse as well to look back on old shows, but just not in a fancy page. I'll update on further details with a link on the current podcast page.

Enjoy the long awaited podcast page and sorry for the delay. Saying it was a pain in the rear to fix is an understatement if that tells you anything. Thank you again!

12/18/2014 05:27 PM

Periodic Show of Elements [10PM EDT 9/20]

I like science! Who doesn't like science? The science behind this show will have metal, electronics, and then some other wonders. Planned Saturday 9/20 at 10PM EDT is a wonderful assortment of elements to really please any engineer, chemist, pyrotechnician, or just about any body listening in.
Tune in at 10PM EDT on September 20 and prepare for the most scientific collision that will surpass even the big bang, but probably not really, but it will still be pretty cool! Hop in to the chat as well! See you there!

12/18/2014 05:27 PM

I can't think of a name for this show [SAT 9/13 9:30PM EDT]

So here is why I am conflicted in naming this show...
Lately, I have been listening to a lot of old tunes (talking late 70's and 80's here) and I have noticed something about the songs. Every song from that time frame seems to have a slap bass in it. For this show, I have been sent some music ranging from 1978 - 1989. I listened to quite a bit of it, but then I realized, AnimeAMAZE has a lot of older music on it. Certainly for what we are, this is ok I guess, but we need more recent music. So hand selecting some of the new (old) songs for this next show will be fun yet tricky.
In my search for new music, I can only find a small handful from my sources. All the new music is being added, not filtering though though. The only sad part is no slap bass. The synth bass is ok I guess.
Lastly, I realized I have a lot more JPop than I do Anime based music...So I found some albums from some Anime and plan on playing it. May not be a very new anime, may even be kind of old, but its's in the title.
I have too many interesting elements and realizations that it is hard for me to name this show. Let's just ride with it and see where it goes! Tune in Saturday 9/13 at 9:30PM EDT! I hope to see you all here!

12/18/2014 05:27 PM

[8/30 The (end of) Summer Show 9:30PM EDT]

Sad to think about but essentially, once school begins, Summer is officially over for most people. Fact is the Autumnal Equinox is September 23. Either way, That only really means a month left of Summer. In typical AnimeAMAZE fashion of celebrating everything (even the first leaf to fall on the lawn) Let's have a show! This will be in Anticipation of new Anime for Autumn, new music to begin your September and pretty much a farewell to summer with a song, and little word out to summer!

Also, fall will bring some changes to AnimeAMAZE that you may or may not notice immediatley, but you will be notified in a lengthy post.

Tune in Saturday night at 9:30 PM EDT for our celebration. and for those who have a 3 day weekend(...Lucky) this is the best way to unwind and prepare! For those starting school, Prepare for the school year with mind stimulating music, and Sirby's magical handsome voice to keep you going.Hope to see you all there, and as usual, there will be people in IRC.

12/18/2014 05:27 PM

Oh my August! Show [8/1 10PM EDT]

Summer has gone by quickly. Time to say good bye. Not really though, there is still plenty of summer left to go!

With that said, welcoming August, like AnimeAMAZE likes to welcome anything, is appropriate. It is also a fact that if an ant walked in to AnimeAMAZE Studios, it would probably get VIP treatment as well as a show title. I will say, AnimeAMAZE had a show for Auto Correct errors made on Sirby's pod music device thing, Every time a show is on the first of a month, 2AM coming and going and so on...Some times certain events did not make it. Like Harold the bumble bee. He flew around the studio in a very strange manner, Sirby tried to go commando to get rid of it without feeling the the end Harold was found dead on a vent several weeks later. He was huge...And received a viking funeral.

Since Harold was found, we can also dedicate this show to Harold the Bumble Bee and hope his legacy lives on. So join us Friday Night for "Oh my August!" Show for Harold the Bumble bee. Celebration begins at 10PM EDT, and the party goes on until another paper boat is sent out to float in a small puddle of rain water that I like to call Lake Sirby. Be there Friday Night 10PM EDT. Also feel free to join up on our IRC channel!

12/18/2014 05:27 PM

More and More Upgrades [7/23]

Just a few more upgrades taking place on AnimeAMAZE, Our version of our broadcast software is going to be updated as well. What this means is the station will go down while the new software is installed. From what I "test drove" of the software, it is the same in every way! It does have some differences like support for FLAC files, supports multiple cores and for whatever it is worth, supports Windows 8...(but the other version worked well in Windows 8 even though the company claimed it did not)

The upgrade version has been purchased, and will be installed as soon as humanly possible. Hopefully the station will stay up while the other installs.

07/19/2014 09:42 PM

Maintenance Day 7/20 & 7/21

Sunday, July 20th in the late evening (around 8 or 9 PM EDT) AnimeAMAZE Servers, and streams will go off air and off line while the computers are cleaned and updated, with some tidying up of cables around the computers. I can't give an estimated window of down time, but hopefully not too long.

Monday, July 21 in the late evening, early morning (Around Midnight or 1AM EDT) there will be some network maintenance happening, and we will be tossing some new hardware into play. Downtime will be a few minutes, but should not take too long.

I thank you in advance for your patience while work is performed to enhance the longevity of the station.

07/08/2014 06:05 PM

LOVE (a) LIVE (show) [7/11 10PM EDT]

(I) LOVE (a) LIVE (show as well).

All strange curvy bracket things aside, AnimeAMAZE has a large supply of LOVE LIVE music just sitting aside waiting to be added to the show. A drive holding the music supply failed last week, but with a freezer I was able to get some things off and here we have the base of the next show!
Tune in at 10PM EDT For LOVE LIVE music on AnimeAMAZE! Music from the Anime, Duo and Trio Singles, Solo's and...well there is a lot to list, but I will try my best.

Hope to see you there, Friday at 10PM EDT

06/26/2014 10:19 AM

Summer Time Show [6/27 10PM EDT]

Summer is officially here. June 22nd marked the first day of Summer. This means we are in for long hot days and nice cool nights, but one thing remains the same. AnimeAMAZE will be doing what it does, and celebrate every step of the way!

Celebrate Summer by joining AnimeAMAZE on Friday, June 27th at 10PM EDTfor the celebration of Summer with your requests, and dedications or just to have a fun intro to your weekend!

I also hope to be able to play a song from a vinyl record on Internet Radio because, I can. I will try to get some new tunes for the show!

06/11/2014 09:27 PM

Friday the 13th Strawberry Honey Moon with a Flag on top Show [6/14 9:30PM EDT]

Also, in the US, it's flag day...Stranger things have happened of course.

Friday marks the rare Strawberry Moon...aka, the Honey Moon...Aka...Just another full moon. While the show is not on Friday, we will be celebrating it Saturday Night...because if this is as rare as people say it is, I think we should get out there to see it, and honor it anyway we can. Also, the full moons make strange things happen. I may be immune to lunar energy so I don't notice it, but it may be true. It will also be Friday the 13th so you know something will happen.

Also, Flag Day...Apparently its a day dedicated to flags...

So we have 3 things to celebrate, Friday the 13th Strawberry honey moon cake with a flag on top show! 9:30PM EDT! Also, We have been overdue for these shows! Just had to have time to sit around and plan it out!

06/01/2014 04:24 PM

Happy June! Station Update

June is here, and so is the heat (Finally!)
Tonight or early tomorrow morning, the station will go down for some needed dusting, cleaning, organizing the back of the computer where cables reside, and moving the computers physical location to help improve cooling.

This will generally take several hours, so in this time, everything but requests and the music will work. Once this is all settled up, in the event of things not working, I will have better access to all the devices that need constant attention. This sort of goes along with my long awaited, long over due reformation of the structure I call "Under the desk". It's a terrifying place where cables that once had a host no longer do. Also, if I ever have a problem with my Microphone again, I can plug in my headset since the cable will reach the new computer...hopefully.

Keep an eye on Twitter, and the book of faces to keep up with the status!

Also stay tuned for a show announcement...Expect them more frequently from now on.

05/21/2014 09:45 PM

Email has stopped working.

It is very unfortunate but for the past few days, I have not been able to send or receive emails. If there has been any pressing matters at hand, I have missed them, and I am sorry.

I am working with my last host to figure out why my plan ended early and hope to retrieve some emails. In the meantime, not much I can do now but wait for their response.

I will be at Anime North this weekend, so if you find me (hint: follow twitter and check pictures!) you should say Hi.

05/17/2014 09:45 PM

Site move almost complete

Website move is almost fully complete, Things are configured as far as webhosting goes, and the podcast server is standing by waiting for podcasts to make their way over. That is the next big hurdle to clear.

Things are moving a bit slower than I anticipated but we are getting there!
I also wanted to apologize for my lack of live shows. May creeped up quickly and my brain became clear of what my schedule looked like. Next week I will be out for Anime North 2014! If you are attending, I will be the cool guy dressed as myself. All you need to do to find me is scream "SIIIIIRRRRRRBYYYYYYY" probably in several random hallways, and eventually you will find me

Thank you for your patience. To express my thankfulness, I figure its time I add BABYMETAL to the station. Hope to have that all up before I leave so I can enjoy it on the road!

See you up north!

04/30/2014 09:32 PM

May Celebration Show Friday May 2nd at 10PM

That is right! There will be a show May 2nd at 10PM EDT to celebrate May and to celebrate all you great people, and the fact that microphones should be working. May 26th is our birthday and AnimeAMAZE is going to be 9 years old.

So what to expect this show? Now that I am pretty much done with my other big job, I am able to focus more on AnimeAMAZE, and begin to move it forward. With the donations goal reached AnimeAMAZE is able to finally get our podcasts moved over, and get us on a new host. The delay is not only because of me being slow, it is because moving things is a pain in the rear. Having to deal with billing, getting credited (possibly?) and purchasing the new server, and getting it set up, it's a real pain to do in one day, maybe even two, and you always have to wait. This show will go into detail about what you can all expect. In the meantime though, we can enjoy some music and enjoy some good times and even some requests in there. I don't know much about new music, but I will try my best. Been busy lately finishing up the big job I had.

So Friday, be there, May 2nd at 10PM EDT! Hope to see you there!

04/19/2014 07:22 PM

In Other News, Donation Goal Reached!

So, even though the Bunny Show was cancelled, AnimeAMAZE has reached it's donation goal. What this means is we can now switch our webhost, get podcasts back, and be set to stream for our 10th year!

Other news, I have a Microphone to use, but it will not be until sometime next week.
Most of you who know me as well as you do, know I really hate canceling shows, and I do promise to make it up to you all! I thank you all for your patience!

And for all you donors who made this possible for us to be on air for our 10th year, I thank you so much!

04/19/2014 06:22 PM

Bunny Show is possibly a no go...Microphone is not working

It would appear that I no longer have a working microphone. So I have a few options...
1. Reschedule an already rescheduled show that is dated for this time of year
2. See if it can happen at 10 instead of 9:30
3.Cancel :(

Very rare to cancel shows, but I guess stuff happens...
So sorry, I will see if I can figure something out.

04/18/2014 05:42 PM

Bunny Show Rescheduled for 4/19 9:30PM EDT

So due to technical issues this evening, leading to a bad cable, the show is rescheduled to tomorrow. The store where I normally go to get cables closed early this evening, so I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. Then the show will go on, and I will make it up to you by rambling on for more than 2 hours.
Again, so sorry, please tune in Saturday 4/19 at 9:30PM EDT.

04/02/2014 07:25 PM

Calling Out for Donations (Update 4/2)

UPDATE:We need donations by May otherwise, the station is off the air and the website gone!

Our total goal by the start of MAY is $209

So far we have $110...So new goal is $99

We only need $99! A big thanks to our donors!
If you want to hear and see AnimeAMAZE on air for another year (10th year) please donate!

And to answer some wonders, yes, there will begin to be a regular stream of shows again as well. Working two jobs that almost seems like three will come down to my full time job meaning I will have days off again!

03/12/2014 05:58 PM

Spring Recognition Show [3/14 930PM EDT]

So it's not really spring yet, but it is close...Considering Vermont is in a blizzard, and expecting tons of snow, Spring is almost here. Though Vermont and other places will be smothered in 20 extra inches of snow, it sure smells like Spring outside...Ok so maybe calling it a Spring show at a time like this is a bad idea, but no big deal.
This is also a call for donations show. We are getting closer to bills being paid time, and we need some donations ASAP. We all want our Podcasts back, right? We all want to have our radio stream, right? Well, in order to do that, we need donations. Donations were what saved the computer to keep it happy this year! Donations are what keeps us on air year round, and donations are needed to keep our station up, keep us free of commercials and free of ads on the site. So it's your turn to help the station! I'll provide the entertainment.

There may not be much for new music, but I'll see what I can do! I hope to see you here on Friday, 3/14 at 9:30 PM EDT...see that..Eastern Daylight Time...another sign of spring. Click Chat to be brought to the IRC room during the show!

03/08/2014 09:02 PM

Site Update + Donation situation.

So wanted to let everyone know, if you did not already notice, that the site has been updated a bit. Just some news about what is going down.

  • So our host somehow managed to move us around enough to delete our forums. The forums are gone. I replaced it with a "Chat" link to our IRC channel that is quite fun during live shows. Adds to the experience! I encourage you to check it out!
  • Sponsor page works again, and is a bit revamped. When the move happened, sponsor ended up the forums... It is back, and vamped up a bit

  • Keep an eye for some more changes a bit further down the road. Nothing to extreme, mostly just a face lift!

    Now...Donation part! I was able to keep the station going pretty stable now (minus some power outages here and there) so now it is time that we get some donations going to get our new webhost, our domain names secured, and our host. Basically, our goal is pretty simple and breaks down like this,
  • $133 For Webhost + VPS for podcasts
  • $31 For domains (.net and .com)
  • $45 for Shoutcast (6 Months)
  • So our total goal before MAY is $209. Of course, I rounded off numbers, but that should be enough to cover paypals fees.
    As we near closer to May, there will be a big announcement, about what we need and when they really matter. The site is due though in MAY. That is important. Remember! No site, no station!
    I guess this should call for a live show maybe on Saturday? We'll see!

    12/18/2014 05:27 PM

    Power Outage of Feb 16

    Well, we had a power outage that pretty much lasted from or 3:00 to into the evening, so the station was down for some time. Sorry for the trouble this may have caused. The UPS is rated to keep things going for at least 30 minutes or so until the clean shut down.

    We are back on air and expect cars to stay on the road.

    02/12/2014 08:25 PM

    Valentines Show [2/14 10PM EST]

    So, Valentines is here, and AnimeAMAZE wants you to be its Valentine. As AnimeAMAZE's Valentine, there may be a lack in chocolate, but Music can be supplied. There may be a lack of romantic dinner, but you will all be in the company of friends through chats. Not only will loads of fun be had, this will also be a good oppurtunity to confess your love on the air with a heartfelt dedication and song...Or you can just have a song played, and forget about the confession...totally up to your discretion.

    Tune in on Friday 2/14 at 10 PM EST for Valentines Day Show on AnimeAMAZE. See you there!

    02/05/2014 09:38 PM

    This show is a rumor [2/8 9:30PM EST]

    Rumor has it there will be a show on Saturday... at 9:30 PM EST. But it's just is a rumor. Maybe it will happen though. Tune in and find out. Be a good sport too, and wait a few extra minutes because you all know, Sirby is never on time. But that too is a rumor.

    ALSO! On 2/6 expect a slight disturbance in AnimeAMAZE again between 9 and 10 PM EST. We are on our computer meant to broadcast finally. The switch went a long well. That means the request page will be back up. In order to make this happen, I have to let something update, and that will require a reboot of the system. Estimated down time is 10 minutes.

    The request page will also have a different layout, different feel and different look. As far as some people having a hard time connecting, this probably will not fix the issues but we will see.
    See you for the rumored show.

    12/18/2014 05:27 PM

    Slight disturbance expected + Request status

    So the station has found it's way onto the computer it was meant to be broadcasted on. This computer will be taking over the streaming responsibility starting this evening at 11PM EST. Disturbance should only last a few seconds.

    Request pages will still be offline in the meantime. They are getting a face lift, and well needed update from the software developers. The default looks rather fruity, so I am going to make it look theory. It may look worse, so who knows.

    Pending a mic check, and all systems go, I will start the rumor about a live show on Saturday??? We'll see...

    12/18/2014 05:27 PM

    Still Alive & General News

    I know, it has been a while. The short of this topic is Requests will be back because our computer is back in the saddle again! Please read through for more details though!

    The short of the story is the holiday curse. Basically, the computer was having some issues, it passed on, and now my laptop that is configured for live mobile streaming has been doing all the work. Now I have the actual computer that was built for this ready to stream. It needed some parts to get it going in a stable manner which is preferable, and I think that has made it work well. Further testing showed it still stable when I decided to turn it off to move it and clean it up.
    I would like to say the station computer will be back to working normally with requests and all tonight, but I can't promise that, I still have some testing to perform to make sure all is a go. Saturday is the target goal. Tonight though, the station may go down for a bit for some more prep work. If I like how things look by Saturday, the station will be back to what it used to be. Same old awesomeness!

    In addition to requests and all working, a bunch of new music will be loaded, Station ID's will be limited to keep music going, and hopefully I can start up live shows again!

    I can't thank you enough for your support, and patience, but just a little bit longer is all I request! I promise all this strangeness will be worth it!

    12/18/2014 05:27 PM

    Can't seem to escape the Holiday curse

    UPDATE 11:00PM EST:
    Station is running on laptop used for the Anime Convention broadcasting. It was still set and configured thankfully. This will give me time to find out what's up. The HDD is totally dead, and totally out of warranty. Lived 4 years...very good life, may it rest in peace.
    With the station on the backup computer:

  • No station ID's (probably not a bad thing for you listeners)
  • Requests don't work. You can send them, but they won't go anywhere. This set up is different, so nothing will make it work easilly. I value easy right now.

  • Right now the station is working. I will be working on the permanent, or hopefully permanent fix, soon, but the station is up while I do that. Thank you for your patience!

    So...something just happened in the studio. I want to say the UPS had a hiccup and decided to take down everything, yet remain powered on. Without some sort of indication or hearing the beep (which I usually can hear) I figure it is something else. Regardless of the case, the computer responsible for broadcasting booted up with a SMARTerror. In my experience, smart errors are pretty serious. With my most recent error, I was able to use the drive lightly for 8 hours. So I will hope I can do what I need to do in 8 hours. Regardless, AnimeAMAZE will go down at some point this evening, and I will do my best to get something up and running. In the mean time though, Things look a little bleak to start off the new year once again...

    12/25/2013 01:40 PM

    Happy Holidays!

    AnimeAMAZE is wishing you a safe and happy holiday! Also, here is to the New Year coming up! Hello 2014!

    12/12/2013 04:35 PM

    Still Alive and Holiday Show 12/14 9PM EST

    AnimeAMAZE is still alive! I am aware you have not heard a single thing for some time now, but there is a saying. No news is good news. I take this as having no news at all is a good thing. I do have some news though.
    I would like to address it for the show, but I will give you all a summed up version!

    -Holiday Music: It will be added soon. There has been a delay due to conversions and such.
    -Donation Status: AnimeAMAZE has funds to pay for our shoutcast host for another six months! Thank you to all who have contributed, and our sponsors.
    -Podcasts are gone: Pretty self explanitory. Looking for a CDN host, but no luck, and not enough funds.
    After the whole comcast situation, AnimeAMAZE is trying to make with what is available in the bank.
    Tune in, learn more, enjoy good music, and have fun! Saturday 12/14 9:00PM EST.

    11/27/2013 02:56 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some updates

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Gobble Gobble day, and high demand of the song "Cooking Dance" has arrived, meaning Christmas is around the corner. AnimeAMAZE has always had a firm rule of adding Christmas music on or after December 1st. This year, I hope it works well. We will start easing in the christmas music, and then it will be more frequent once the day arrives. By frequent, I PROMISE it will not be like every other station. Besides, Jingle Bells, by the Sailor Scouts sounds quite magical if you ask me.

    11/22/2013 07:25 PM

    November Update...Quite a bit...

    So AnimeAMAZE has really had a rough go of things lately. A lot has happened. To get down the bottom of it, I will sum up each event.

    NOV 16: C0mcast pulled the plug on AnimeAMAZE. Their reason being the promotional period had ended, resulting in a higher than usual price, which instead of sending a note, they decided to just pull the plug. I guess its easier that way. Hating Comc@st as much as I do, I decided to take the hit, pay the reconnect fee (with both AA's little funds and my own) and now we have service, at a cheaper rate for a lower package. I never agreed to this high speed upgrade, so if you ever notice something on your internet that does not seem right and you are with Comca5t, end it quickly! They did also give me $20 off every month for a year.

    NOV 20: Our wonderful host at inm0tion hosting decided to delete our podcast directory under claims that it was a backup file directory. In short they said "Podcasts should be brought to a proper CDN host, not our servers"...fair enough! AnimeAMAZE can't afford that, so podcasts are no longer on our site, or on iTunes for that matter.

    NOV 22: Our Shoutcast server payment is due in December. If we don't get any donations at all, AnimeAMAZE goes off. We need AT LEAST $45. If you wish to donate extra to keep the streaming going and preventing another comcast plug pull, please do! AnimeAMAZE bank account is drained!

    insert image of uncle pennybags pulling out his pocket liners showing he has no money...Mental note to everyone!
    It's been super busy, and its been stressful trying to sort through everything. I thank you for your understanding, and I hope the next bit of news is good!

    11/05/2013 02:58 PM

    Neostreams migrating our server

    The letter from our shoutcast host, neostreams:
    "We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are in the process of consolidating servers, currently we are working on moving all accounts on our Apple server over to a new server in our PA Data center.
    to that end, we have migrated your stream over to its new server, and will be shutting down apple server on Nov 6th 2013.
    if your using, then everything should stay the same for you, as the dns will be updated to point at the new server.
    however, if you are using the servers ip address of - then you will need to switch to use the new ip of -"
    In short: TuneIn listeners will still be able to tune in to AnimeAMAZE regularly. iTunes listeners will have to wait for iTunes to update us.Of course, you can always tune in using the sites controls. That will always work!

    11/05/2013 08:53 AM

    Bakuretsu Con 2013 Highlights and Media

    So the con ends and the greatest weekend transitions quickly to back to the real world.
    Bakuretsu Con 2013 was attended by 590 attendees. Much higher than the previous two years AnimeAMAZE had covered press.
    Guests attending Bakuretsu Con 2013 were Teri Doty, a voice actress who began her career in 2008 with voicing her first character in Tsubasa: The Reservoir Chronicles. There is also a long list of other characters, but I will have you look that up since I have a small area to type in.
    Other Guests include Stephen Hoff, an Audio Engineer at Funimation, David Williams, from Sentai Filmworks, who has done a pretty much everything to producing Anime and bringing it to your living room. He has worked in the industry for 20 years, starting with ADV, and moving over to Sentai Filmworks! A lot of panels of his were recorded by AnimeAMAZE because of the depth he explained about the process of producing anime.
    Matthey Myers, from Leetstreet Boys attended, and performed a Concert with Shannon Bouchard, the Otakuthon Idol 2012 winner. Scott Melzer from NoN.D.E Fanfilms also attended.
    AnimeAMAZE was there to shoot some videos, and take some pictures. Single handidly was not easy, but at least somethings came out of it.
    To check out the videos Follow this link and check it out!
    So that was my weekend, where were you? Keep an eye on to find out next years con dates, and hope to see you there.

    11/02/2013 08:32 AM

    Saturday Show + Cosplay Contest Update

    Tonight on AnimeAMAZE Live from Bakuretsu Con 2013

    5:00PM EDT - Cosplay Contest on Ustream. Go to our live coverage link, litterally at the top of this page.

    7:00PM EDT - Live from Bakuretsu Con, It's Saturday Night! Sirby will play some music, and harrass people to talk to him- er I mean, they will talk to me of their own will...because I told-er I mean asked them to...

    Tune in tonight! I also reserve the right to be incorrect in spelling and grammer because I am tired.

    10/22/2013 09:03 PM

    AAC + Relay Server Update

    It is a bit late on this update, but the AAC server has been moved to a new IP address. This should reflect in TuneIn Radio soon, but if not, I am supplying you with the new address.

    Relay server should work the same so you should not need to worry about that one. The AAC stream is located on that server, and again, the update was sent out on Saturday Night. It should be updated in TuneIn Radio in no time...hopefully!

    10/12/2013 05:38 PM

    Station Downtime Expected 10/12

    10/12 between the times of 9PM and 9:30PM EDT You will experience a slight outage on the station to switch over to another system. During this time, AnimeAMAZE Radio stream will be off. Sites and forum will still be up.
    So Friday, Oct. 11, I mentioned the station was going to go down in the morning to switch over the another computer to do some cleaning on the other computer.
    That never happened! Reason is the other computer was not ready. I thought I had an updated library on a external drive, and it turns out I did not until 4AM.
    Now with the updated library, I intend on switching over to the other system now that it is completely ready, in fact, all I have to do is press play, and it will get theory.
    Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.switching over to the other system now that it is completely ready, in fact, all I have to do is press play, and it will get going.
    Sorry for the inconveinence this may cause you.

    10/09/2013 08:28 PM

    Donation (over)drive Show [10/11 9:30PM EDT]

    What is overdrive? I often wonder what it is when I hear that word. For example:

    When playing a guitar, there is a neat feature on some amps or pedals that allow you to give your guitar so much distortion you could shatter the world or your house window. I often wondered what makes overdrive more powerful than just your basic drive knob? I still don't know, but I don't mind it sometimes...

    My friend got a car recently, and he has an overdrive feature on it. so I was driving it because I have to break it in for my buddy, and I say "Hold onto your butts! (Come on, You watched Jurassic Park, right?) I'm shifting into OVERDRIVE" and I will be honest with you! I was so impressed that nothing happened. It was just like driving any other auto transmission car.

    So what is overdrive? I typed it into Google, and it says "a gear in a motor vehicle providing a gear ratio higher than that of the drive gear or top gear, so that engine speed and fuel consumption are reduced in highway travel." Other is "Drive or work to exhaustion"
    So what does the term in an example mean for Donations? I guess it means I need to reduce my fuel consumption on the highway with funds, and drive them to exhaustion"??? I don't know what that means or really like the sound of that, but lets just say, December is approaching and its time to get some donations going!
    This show is just for that! We have our goal of $100. Ideally, I want to go beyond that, but as long as we can cover our expenses and most importantly of all, keeping shoutcast up, I would be happy! Tune in at 9:30 PM EDT Friday Night for the show! Bring a bag of chips! If I don't see a picture of you eating chips while listening, I will be mildly upset.
    See you Friday!

    09/17/2013 05:06 PM

    Yet another update, but please read!

    By now, you are all probably very sick of updates that happen maybe once or twice a week. I am sorry for this. To make a long story short, I will just say a lot of personal problems, and certain events in life have been keeping me quite busy. If I am not working, running ridiculous errands, or at a doctors office, I am resting or thinking about AnimeAMAZE.

    Though it seems like a lot of neglect has fallen onto AnimeAMAZE, that is not the case at all. In fact, AnimeAMAZE is getting a lot of attention internally. With the up-time issue becoming a rather large problem AnimeAMAZE seems to be getting the short end of the stick. But due to lack of what makes AnimeAMAZE awesome, AnimeAMAZE should work on getting back up to awesome. That said, addressing the up-time is top priority right now.

    So here it is how this all works out. AnimeAMAZE goes off air every night at 4AM and things are checked, refreshed and that worked well, even another fix was added not to long ago that may help a lot and keep AnimeAMAZE on air rather than dead air. We shall find out. Sadly it's wait and find out.

    If AnimeAMAZE has become disappointing, there are some things I, Sirby, have control of, and other things I don't. If you have a suggestion or something you want to see happen, if I can make it happen, I will! Send an email! They all make their way to me anyway! If I can make it happen I will. Again, this station is all for you guys! Everything we get goes to the operation.of the station. Make suggestions! I highly encourage it. Even if you want Pac Man sounds on the radio from time to time, if I can make it happen I will!

    With that all said, there are improvements I am working on. Please make suggestions, so I can try to do more to help make AnimeAMAZE even more awesome!

    08/29/2013 12:07 PM

    Planned Station Downtime

    Station will be going down Thursday August 29 for some maintenance and cable reorganization. During this time, the station will go off air and the request pages will be offline. The main website and the forums will remain on.

    The time window will be between 3:00PM EDT and 6:00PM EDT.

    I apologize in advance for the inconvenience this brings to you. I thank you for your patience as systems are cleaned out, and cables are checked over to make sure AnimeAMAZE provide the best experience possible.

    08/25/2013 07:11 PM

    Lack of updates and Back to School Show

    So my lack of updates to you all was due to a recent "operation" I had to go through. I use quotations because, sure, even though the doctor says "It's an operation" I expect an operation to be more like "Count backwards from 100 and you will be asleep in no time" and then I pop up, still awake saying something odd. This operation instead was the doctor saying "I am going to poke you with a needle numerous times, and you will writhe in pain until you can no longer feel it...To add to this effect I will spray this cold stuff all over. Did I paint an image in your head?

    Right, so onto the updates...Not much has happened...This is a good thing!

    The big news though is that school is starting for some of us. Whether it be College, High School, Middle School, Elementary School, or any other institute of learning, good luck, have fun, and AnimeAMAZE, wishes you great success.
    Studies show that listening to music everyday stimulates the mind. Listening to Japanese music stimulates the mind even more! This could probably go for any foreign language, but when I was in school, my Megumi Hayashibara CD collection kept me going and got me on honor grades! AnimeAMAZE will be here for you, day and night...except when it goes off for 10 minutes at 4AM.
    In celebration of education, there will be a Back to School Show! The show will be August 31 at 9:30PM EDT. There will be new music and lots of school themed music so you can get the year started off well! I also want to see people showing some school spirit! Dedicate some songs to your schools!

    Recap: No updates, Show Sat. 8/31 9:30PM EDT! Be there please!

    08/06/2013 08:25 PM

    Because Comcast is being fussy

    Comcast is having a wonderful host of problems up our way. The radio station will be down for a generally large portion of the evening, quite possibly into the morning hours.
    I am hoping it will not take that long, but looks like our issues are pretty severe at this point. I am going to assist the modem by unplugging it and rebooting it, maybe tossing it in the bathtub, I know that always helps me in some situations...
    Anyway, Hope to be back on air soon!

    08/03/2013 02:11 PM

    [LIVE]Celebrate New Site, Forum and Summer [8/3 9:30PM EDT]

    Tonights show is in honor of launching the new site, launching the new forum, and Summer of course. Summer is still here, and AnimeAMAZE has only been able to supply a few shows here and there. Summer is a good time to just kick back and enjoy those days.
    Since AnimeAMAZE and summer go hand in hand with each other (At least it does to me since AnimeAMAZE was born in the summer) AnimeAMAZE needs to keep up with the summer time fun tradition!
    Tonights show would have had some new music, but most of the day was spent trying to revive that Hard Drive that has the new files on it. Currently the drive has been put in the freezer for an hour, and it improved it a bit, but still no dice. There will be some new to us tunes to share though from a neat sound sampler from 2001.
    Tonights show will begin at 9:30PM EDT and of course, we will be in IRC. A new feature to add to the site soon will be an IRC link, but for now, head over to the request page by clicking the link because any bookmarks you have will not work since dyndns decided they wanted money for their dns service.
    See you Tonight!

    07/13/2013 12:49 AM

    New site and forum!

    Well, here you have it! We have our new site and our new forum!
    A little something about our new site and forum:

    • Our entire site is coded in HTML 5 which is the latest, and as a coder, I have to say, the greatest standards I have worked with. It is very light, and very simple code, hence it loads faster.
    • Along with HTML 5, we are also using CSS 3 which, once again, everything you see formed on this site is not formed with several images, just code. Rounded corners, while certain fruit companies claim patents for them, are usually made with images in the CSS file. With CSS 3, you don't need images to form rounded corners.
    • Improved mobile compatibility for tablet devices and mobile phones.
    • Fast loading.
    • Brand New Forum. It does not look just like the website (There goes continuity), but it is pretty nice and pretty fancy. With it being brand new, everyone who wishes to participate does need to sign up again. It has a lot of changes made keeping it simple.
    • That is about all I can think to tell you. If you have any further questions, pop a message in the new contact page!