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04/27/2016 08:41 PM

News and Updates • Bring on May Show [4/30 9PM EDT *UPDATED TIME*]

UPDATE: Computer is having a little bit of issues still, and is not working correctly yet. Pushing back the time a bit to see if things can be corrected over here.

First off, I want to give a huge thanks to all our donors and support from all the listeners. We have at least reached the amount needed for our web hosting! We still need 69.00 dollars to cover our minimum needed for the station. Up in June will be $45 for 6 months of shoutcast ($90 for a year). After that is the domain costs in September.
Thank you everyone.

So for this next show, this will be welcoming in May which is AnimeAMAZE birth month. AnimeAMAZE will be turning 11 on May 26th. Now there will be a nice assortment of shows through out the month, that you can be sure of, But also, May is generally warmer, brighter out longer, and that makes everything happy, and I don't know if it is the mood or the mindset but everything just sounds better. So time to toss this bitter weather off the side (VT just had a nice bit of snow this morning) and get things ready for number 11! AnimeAMAZE's 11th spring to celebrate! This will also be a good time to thank all of you for the donations, a good time to thank our sponsors, and a good time to have some fun. And request should finally work this time!

Tune in Saturday and prepare to be loaded with good music for the rest of the weekend!

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04/12/2016 08:43 PM

News and Updates • Apologies and Donation Show Notice [4/16 7:30PM EDT]

UPDATE 4/14: Station is Back to it's primary broadcast and location. Thank you for the patience. It's not perfect yet, but at least we have an IP to use for now.

Looks like our email address has not been properly working so I have not been told about donations or sponsors. I am very sorry. I got a final count this evening, and looked, and I see that we have a new sponsor that may have started March 4th and I am so very sorry they were not added to the list. Now that my host is aware of the situation, I changed the email address I have been using and made a new one for Paypal to go to. I am so sorry to everyone!

Second thing is, the radio station is still running on backup. At our main location the static IP we had went away (Some technician lost it) and trying to figure out how to make things work has been a bit of a problem. Sadly this is not plug in the modem, get an IP to the router and hope for the best. This fiber company only offers you static options. So there goes the internet service. Hopefully this will be solved sometime this week, but as far as news goes, there is no information yet on any ETA.

Third thing is, we do still need some donations to meet our May deadline. With the studio move, things have been a little crazy and not well organized, so we lacked a bit on getting the notice out sooner!

This will all be covered in the Donation call out show for 4/16 at the earliest time for a show that we have ever done, 7:30PM EDT. Why such an early time? With our new location, I can pretty much hop on air at any given time, and in order to offer you more shows, doing them earlier will make it a bit easier for me to do shows on a regular schedule. Pretty cool? I think it will be!

My sincerest apologies for failing to get the notice of donations out sooner, and for failing to get the email about the sponsor, and hopefully with things well taken care of, this should not happen again! Hopefully the next move we make will be easier and not during a stressful time! :doh:

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04/08/2016 09:47 PM

News and Updates • Donations Needed by May!

Hello everyone!

This is the time of the year where we seek your help in keeping AnimeAMAZE on the air for another year. This time around we are in need of Donations by May, June, and September for Web/VPS hosting, Shoutcast, and Domains respectively.

MAY: This is AnimeAMAZE birth month, and also the time of renewing the web hosting and VPS (hosts the podcast files). We need $112.00. This is $20 less than what we needed last year around this time. I was lucky to notice that their prices had gone down, so I hopped onto that deal quickly. This is due very early in May. If I remember correctly, May 6th. If we do not get the donations to keep our VPS and webhosting all this is gone, and as a result AnimeAMAZE will also go off air.

JUNE: June is when our Shoutcast bill is up. We need $45.00 to pay the bill for 6 months. If we get $90.00 we will be set for the year. If the shoutcast goes down the station will be gone at this point.

SEPTEMBER: The domains are what you type in to get here. We have 2. and Now you are probably wondering "Why do we have two domains? Can't we keep it cheap and get rid of one?" and that is a fine question. the answer to that is while is hardly used, was where AnimeAMAZE began. All, if not most of our station ID's, mention or link to It was only maybe 3 years ago that someone spotted that was available again, free from the phishers clutch. So it was auctioned and sniped by our very own Misty3000. Thankful as we are, transitioning things over to from has been timely considering our age (almost 11) and only having the .com for 3 years.
Cost for Domains is $64.68 for 2 years, OR $32.34 for 1 year each.

All this added up together, is $189.34 minimum needed! We need at least $112.00 by May! Ideally we would like to reach $266.68 to have 2 years domain, 1 year Shoutcast (not have to worry about it in December) and the web host is always yearly

You all made this radio station what it is and brought it where it is today! Please donate if you can to keep it on air for Year 11!

Please by May we need $112.00. Without this we will be gone. Thank you everyone! :dodedo:

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04/07/2016 07:31 PM

News and Updates • Updates + Downtime Status

So for the update, some things are still being worked out of the new setup. Luckily the way things are set up right now means that this site will stay up until things are complete to launch. Thank you for the patience.

Downtime: The station went down sometime between 12:00 and 12:30 EDT. Not sure when but I know I was able to notice by 12:28 and had the backup stream running by that time. Requests are down and will be until I can figure out backup requests systems, and also see if it is really worth it. For the time being though the station is up and running from the live studio. As soon as I find out more information, I will let you know. I know nothing yet though and I have been trying to find out. :headbang:

Thank you again for your patience.

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04/06/2016 04:50 PM

News and Updates • Site updates! [4/16-4/17]

The site is going to be going through a bit of a change tonight, and may be unavailable for a bit. I will have a page up so you can get to the station and requests, as they will still work, but for the most part, the site will be having some changes and improvements. Same with the Forum. It will change quite a bit, but should have things preserved. If not, I will do my best to resurrect this again.

Stay Tuned is all I can say :afro:

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